A tribute to bass players

When talking about musicians who keep a special place in our memory (and hearts), we usually refer singers or guitarists. Very rarely, a bass player stands out from his teammates and occupy the front seat of a musical formation. Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris or Cream’s Jack Bruce, are rare examples of a leader bass player (and Jack Bruce had to play with Eric Clapton), but this post isn’t about “band leaders”. Instagrammatical™ wants to do justice to some musicians who went unnoticed in the eyes of the general public, musicians who influenced the sound of the band itself, led them sonically, without being in the spotlight. Musicians that make us jump, dance or at least tap our foot, especially when we are not referring to dance music. These are some of our favourite bass players.

1. Norman Watt-Roy from Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Hit me with your rhythm stick

2. Mick Karn from Japan – Gentlemen take polaroids

3. Derek Forbes from Simple Minds – Hunter and hunted

4. Peter Hook from Joy Division – Shadowplay

5. Tony Levin from King Crimson – Frame by frame

Tony uses the Stick bass on this one but, who can blame him?

Although we are big fans of the late Mark Sandman of Morphine and Level 42’s Mark King, we did not choose them because they are also lead singers.

Tell us, who are your favourite bass players?


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